Sesskasays, real name Jessica, is a YouTube personality who records videos of herself watching TV shows and movies. This website was built for the use of her 'Patrons', users who pledge money to her for support and in turn get some perks.

This website was to be a one stop shop for anyone who follows her content, allowing them to search through her library of videos as well as view the full, unedited versions of her reactions.

The website needed to be capable of indexing thousands of videos and offer a streamlined streaming service to her users. The website incorporates Patreon APIs as well as BunnyCDN video streaming.


  • Wordpress
  • Avada Theme
  • Google Analytics
  • Indexed Search Function
  • BunnyCDN Video Streaming
  • Movie/TV Show Post Cards
  • Voting System
  • Patreon Integration
  • Tiered Access to Posts

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