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Get To Know Me

Get To
Know Me

Bad Wolf Productions is a Belfast Web Design company

Who is Bad Wolf Productions?

Hello and welcome to Bad Wolf Productions, home to a Belfast based freelance web designer.

My name is Mark and I’ve been in the IT industry since 2008, initially working for a small company of 50 employees as their on-site IT support, before leaving to start on my own freelance path.

My journey with Bad Wolf started in late 2015 when I took the opportunity to take my existing skills forward and build out a web design business.

Why Choose Bad Wolf Productions?

Here at Bad Wolf we build bespoke WordPress websites for customers big and small, focusing on precise delivery of information on a modern platform.

All sites we build use ThemeFusion’s Avada Theme. This enables us to the create beautiful, flexible, and powerful websites that we have built over the last number of years.

The answer to ‘why choose us’ is simple; Bad Wolf is run by one individual who strives to deliver the best product possible. I believe that our working relationship is as important as the product itself, and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at my commitment to detail, to communication and to customer satisfaction.

We offer a range of services, not limited to web design, so don’t hesitate to enquire about any other web work, be it Speed Optimisation or cleaning a site post-hack, we have the tools to help.

So you like what you’re seeing, what next?

Let’s Get Building!