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Slow website? Hacked? We can help!

At Bad Wolf Productions we offer a range of services, from straight forward web design to more specialised areas such as improving GTMetrix or Google PageSpeed scores through our Optimisation Service.

Below are the list of the most popular services that we offer, but if you have a query that isn’t covered by what is listed, drop us a message and we can see if it’s something we can assist with.

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Our Services

Web Design

Our experience with WordPress dates back to 2015, so we know exactly what to do when it comes to showcasing your business.

Site Speed

Experiencing slow load times on your WordPress website? Let us help you get things back to lightning fast speeds!


We can help identify the source of the hack or infection, restore your site, and implement enhanced security measures.

Avada Theme

We specialise in the Avada Theme, it’s our go-to WordPress theme. Let us help you get the best out of your design.


We will take care of your WordPress install and plugin updates, as well as have your website backed up weekly

Site Migration

Let us take the headache out of transferring your website from one webhost to another, including updating your DNS.

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